Our Markets

The Reason Behind our Markets

After a year of attending markets, we noticed something about markets, they were not affordable at all or the markets that were affordable were not well attended because the hosts did not have the budget to put into advertising, which really sucked.

Our Vision

We realized very quickly that we wanted to start hosting markets to help small businesses grow but by also keeping our fees reasonable. We try our best to advertise as much as the budget will let us in hopes of amazing turnouts. 2023 was a very hard year for a lot of small businesses so we are coming back in 2024 better than ever.

After some evaluation after last year, we need to change the way we do things.

-We have exciting new advertising ideas!

-We are going to focus mostly on Shakespeare & Surrounding areas for markets - Where our storefront is

-We are going to focus on handmade only for now - We plan on bringing back markets with direct sales & makers but this will be done very differently.

Celebrate all the Mom's Market

Where: Shakespeare & District Optimist Club - 3976 Galt Street, Shakespeare, Ontario

When: May 4th, 2024

Time: 11am until 3pm

Please Note, This application is for handmade vendors ONLY.We are not accepting any MLM/direct sales type companies at this event. 

Please view our application by clicking "Apply Here"

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